Adidas NFC App

Concept design for adidas. Pushing sports product into wearable technology.


The Brief

The challenge was to design a system that enable to help athlete to keep their endurance. Surefire stamina is a must for an athlete, therefore each has action plan for everyday training. The problem comes when athlete has to travel often. Different place has different weather condition. Meanwhile training needs open space to be done. The right sport equipment is the main key to keep athlete in track.

The Solution

NFC / Near Field Technology allows data to be stored and communicate to send back the data. The shape supports and fit to be wear in product. So I designed an App that connect to each adidas product with NFC to give the athlete the right info for they need and following their schedule.

Not only for athlete's need. The technology was developed for lifestyle App. Originals challenged the concept to be boarded to trend and music. This Original App tells whats the current streetwear trend in adidas key cities.

User can see the current events in the city.