20 Manifestos

The manifestos gathered here are an experiment aimed at taming, averting and positioning the unhinged concept of the speculative turn, that has found followers imbued by an almost prophetic zeal. The manifestos strive to achieve that goal by stating just one assertion. These assertions can be ironic or humorous, serious, personal, obvious or just banal.

My manifesto speaks about the possession of modern people and social media.

They are publised in a booklet.
Layout: Sarah Käsmayr and Yana Foqué (Masterprogram Werplaats Typografie Arnhem)
Print: aboem! Amsterdam, NL
Supervisor of the project/Editor: Prof. Dr. Andrea Sick

I read my manifesto, for the sake of technology.

My Professor, Andrea Sick, a pioneer in media theory. I definitely trying to not fail her class.