Der Rattenfänger Revisited

Extend a new level of story telling using living organism, with a help of algorithm.

Prototyping, modelling for 3D print and making everything works.

The laser machine, equipped with self made 3D prints casing.

This installation employing thousands of live brine shrimp which are guided on a random walk journey by an algorithm-controlled and servo motor-powered laser pointer system, Der Rattenfänger Revisited attempts to bring basic life and modern technology together under the hood of the classic German legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

I did this installation under the umbrella of Generative Art that initiated by Frieder Nake. I proposed to extend a new level of story telling and bio art.

Looking into the behaviour of brine shrimp. They follow laser. Good.

Brine shrimps following the lights making a curve shape.