Eh, its been awhile, quiet busy with work, but here we go… a small doodle from today.

I am working on small hint poster for PEONIES, indie pop band from Indonesia. It feels good to be back using Processing again. I intended to draw a wavy-flower, well.. thats what turned out.
If you are up for indie pop try this:

generativedesign #peonies #poster

Some of experiments using Processing and Lsystem. I mirrored and change the distance between the the tweaks. and the last picture… I just wanna see how it implement for tshirt, thought?

it was a WRAP. I have finished my thesis presentation. Th title is (600,600); The Amazing Tale of Three Forms. I will post on my portfolio later after I finished my documentation process. uff… #thesis #digitalmedia #comic #processing

Some spoilers for my thesis. I drew everything with Processing, it does not really do what I imagine in my head (HA!!!) but it is definitely shows something MORE interesting.

generativeart #processing